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Summer Irish Language Workshops in Portland OR


Tuesdays July 24th to August 28th from 7-8:30 p.m.

A Renaissance School of Arts and Science

0234 SW Bancroft Street

Portland OR 97239

These stand alone workshops, taught by Brian Ó hAirt, are thematically organized to focus on key elements of Irish Gaelic and to accommodate specific skill levels. Handouts will be provided to accompany lessons and various exercises will be implemented in class to build skills in comprehension, pronunciation, and fluency. Please bring paper and a writing implement (feel free to bring a recording device as well). Be sure to invite your study buddies! 

Tuition for each workshop is $25. RSVP and advanced payment are required. A minimum enrollment of 5 people per workshop is also required to avoid cancellation (students will be reimbursed). To RSVP and arrange payment contact Brian at or (314) 974-7073.


1) TUESDAY JULY 24th: Features of the language—word order, prepositional pronouns, pronouns types, counting systems, niceties, remedial salutations, small talk, song. 

(Suitable for absolute beginners and novices)

2) TUESDAY JULY 31st: The two forms of the verb ‘BE’

Comparison of the two forms, tenses, basic sentence constructions, constructing questions, comparatives, and superlatives. 

(Suitable for beginners and novices)

3) TUESDAY AUGUST 7th: Pronunciation—concise guide, many examples, reading aloud & correction, grammatical situations for mutations, vocabulary building, song. 

(Suitable for everyone)

4) TUESDAY AUGUST 14th: Verbs—conjugating regular and irregular verbs in all common tenses plus autonomous forms, verbal noun forms, verbal adjectives.  

(Suitable for intermediates and improvers but novices may benefit)

5) TUESDAY AUGUST 21st: Synthetic verb forms—conjugating habitual past, conditional and subjunctive moods, translation practice, speaking practice, constructing blessings and curses. 

(Suitable for intermediates and improvers)

6) TUESDAY AUGUST 28th: Declension of nouns and adjective—Plurality, genitive case, irregularity of forms, extended vocabulary building. 

(Suitable for novices, intermediates, and improvers)



(If you're unsure, feel free to contact me for assessment.)

Beginner: You’ve had little or no exposure to the language. Essentially, you’re a clean slate. You should stick to the classes directed toward beginners. 

Novice: You’ve had modest exposure to the language and have lots of gaps in your abilities. You can make small talk but that’s about it. You may benefit from some of the intermediate/improver classes but be aware your level might not fully be accommodated. 

Intermediate: You’ve had moderate exposure to the language and know lots of grammar. You can have a basic conversation when prompted. Feel free sign up for any classes that interest you. Just be aware that your level might not be fully accommodated in lower skill levels. 

Improver: You’ve had lots of exposure to the language and are able to converse with relative ease but you’re returning after some time away. You need your skills dusted off. Feel free to sign up for any classes that interest you. Just be aware that your level might not be fully accommodated in lower skill levels.