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Teangacha Gaelaí...

Brian Ó hAirt is the Creative Director of Language Hunters, a non-profit organization dedicated to reviving endangered languages through enriched gameplay and inspiring community-organization.  He is also a board member of the North American Association for Celtic Language Teachers (NAACLT) and Slighe nan Gàidheal as well as a noted musician, socio-linguist, teacher, and language activist.  Brian’s exposure to the Irish language in his early teens sparked his passion, eventually leading him to the various Gaelic speaking communities of Cape Breton, Ireland, and the Isle of Man to both learn as well as collaborate and facilitate more effective language learning techniques among their communities.  With degrees from the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee’s Center for Celtic Studies, the University of Limerick’s Irish Academy of Music & Dance, and the National University of Ireland—Galway’s Center for Irish Studies, Brian is both qualified and experienced in his approach to increasing students’ fluency and dedication to language learning.  Through his time spent living in Gaeldom building friendships with singers, writers, activists, and language enthusiasts, he has a wealth of knowledge from which to draw and continues to create new platforms of learning that draw from the heart of Gaelic culture.  Brian currently resides in beautiful Portland, Oregon where he organizes Féile Portland and Zero to Gaelic events for the area’s Irish and Gaelic speaking communities and tours with his band Bua and with his singing partner Len Graham.